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What is misophonia?

Misophonia is a neurological condition in which one or more specific sensory events elicit a response leading to a strong, negative emotional response. That response process consists three key elements in a sequence of five components: sensory input – neurological link – a physical reflex – neurological link – emotional response.

Misophonia, as a word, was coined not so long ago: it was named by two American audiologists, Pawel and Margaret Jastreboff in 2001. The couple noted that some individuals responded to certain sounds – mentioning chewing, tapping and coughing, amongst others – with unexpectedly high levels of irritability and often anger. These patients were identified as responding in this way to pattern-based noises

Sequent Repatterning – a therapy developed to treat misophonia.

Sequent Repatterning is a therapy which has been designed and developed specifically to help those having misophonia. It recognises that misophonia is a neurological condition and approaches its therapeutic application through a methodology underpinned by solid neuroscience.

Sequent Repatterning hypnotherapy was an effective treatment for misophonia, producing an average of 55% reduction in misophonia severity. It has been greatly enhanced with the addition of memory reconsolidation techniques, resulting in an average of a 70% reduction in their misophonia severity.

Sequent Repattering Therapy (SRT) is generally effective because it allows a person to feel the physical sensation of the misophonic reflex while not having the emotional response. The context of a physical sensation can have a great effect on the emotional response. If a nurse in the doctor’s office sticks you with a needle, you can stay completely calm. But if a person walks up to you and sticks you with a straight pin, then we can almost guarantee that you will have a strong emotional response. SRT builds a strong calming response over a series of sessions and then teaches the client to respond to the physical sensation with the calming response rather than anger. SRT disconnects the emotional response from the physical reflex and creates a positive emotional response to the physical reflex.

Baron Tayler has been thoroghly trained and certified as an SRT practitioner by Chris Pearson, the devoloper of SRT. If you or someone you know suffers from Misophonia, please contact Baron to get relief from this condition.


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