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Shed Your Excess Weight with the
Mental Gastric Band®

Are you tired of being overweight? Have you tried countless diets, meal and excercise programs? Are you considering surgery, such as gastric by-pass or a lap-band? We have the solution for you, and there's no need to undergo surgery, the lengthy recovery, liquid food and the possibility of complications.

Baron Tayler is a Certified Mental Gastric Band® Practitioner. Trained by Duncan Tooley, the originator of this powerful hypnotic technique, you can shed all your excess weight, and keep it off! Here is some information about this powerful technique:

The Mental Gastric Band® is different from the Lap-Band® advertised on the freeway billboards, because it is not a physically, surgically-installed gastric band. There is no surgery. There are no medical tests used for qualifications or disqualifications. No doctor referral or recommendation is needed. There is no danger of complications. It is a complete natural program that calls upon your mind instead of surgery. The Mental Gastric Band® is also different than the gastric by-pass procedure for the same reasons. No physical surgery or it's potential complications are involved. The price of The Mental Gastric Band® is a bargain compared to the cost of surgery (and you can put the cost of the The Mental Gastric Band® on your tax return as a Medical deduction). The Mental Gastric Band® procedure uses hypnosis to achieve the stomach constriction and weight loss effects that are very similar to those of a surgical gastric band or by-pass.

With The Mental Gastric Band® you will not have to be on clear liquids for 4-6 weeks, which is standard procedure after undergoing lap-band or gastric by-pass surgery. That's because The Mental Gastric Band® is a gentle process. There is no need to recover from any shocks of surgery. Your stomach will be gently constricted. You will be able to to eat normal nutritious foods immediately, but in smaller portions and very well chewed. We do recommend a liquid diet for the first week just to signal to your stomach and your body that a significant change is underway! This helps get your body become accustomed to getting a significant portion of its energy needs satisfied from stored fat.

The Mental Gastric Band® is installed via a proprietary process that uses your very powerful sub-conscious mind, with Baron's coaching. The actual installation is assisted with an external energy source. The process is easy and painless and done under hypnosis in our office.

If you are ready to take that big step, to make the commitment to shed your excess weight and improve your quality of life, call us today for a consultation. 717-525-7408.

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Mental Gastric Band® is a registered trademark
of Duncan Tooley.
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